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Stargate Serenity - an open crossover AU
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Suppose the events of "Beachhead" and "Trinity" took place during the same week...maybe even the same day or same hour. That kind of massive destruction just *has* to wreak havoc on the space-time continuum, doesn't it? In this case, it reached five hundred years into the future and into a universe that had never heard of Ancients or Wraith, pulled a Firefly-class transport ship out of its own time, place, and reality and dropped it into the sky over Atlantis.

Since Rodney McKay has been strictly forbidden to try to recreate the conditions that brought them here (with good reason), the crew of Serenity is now stranded in a universe that couldn't be more different from their own. Where will they go, and how will they fit into this strange new world?

Gen, het, and slash are all welcome, as are all pairings. Pairing off Atlantis/SG-1 characters with Firefly characters is especially encouraged. The mod would *prefer* no CSI or River pairings set before her 18th birthday, but if you do write them, just please label appropriately so she can archive them without reading. ;-)

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